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NOLA’s LARGEST Crawfish Festival
Why Are We Sponsoring This Years’ Crawfish Mambo?

Why Are We Sponsoring This Years’ Crawfish Mambo?

The team at BIOS Technology is all about supporting our community. And we’re proud to be a sponsor of the Crawfish Mambo. The funds they raise support the success of students at the University of New Orleans (UNO).

The University continues to provide high-quality and affordable education. However, years of dramatic state budget cuts have had serious impacts and, like other schools nation-wide, the importance of outside support has increased exponentially.

Increasing tuition levels means that job placement after graduation is more important to current and prospective students than ever before. Our investment in the Crawfish Mambo enables UNO to expand, create and enhance career preparation programs to help the University recruit, retain, and graduate local students who are prepared for today’s competitive job market.

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